Thursday, February 28, 2008

Seeing Stars

Yet another promotion piece. This won't be going on devart for a while. The idea is periodic hype over a steady length of time.


The next promo, which will be dropped on deviantart in a few days. Features Renard, who is both my sop to all women everywhere and one of my favorites in the story.

Renard can fly. Why? We'll learn later.

This should get things started. Here we have the main character, Bad. He's actually 17, but his aging process is halted due to that dial bolted to his skull. Baddie's a little immature for his age even so.


Hi! This marks the beginning of the process blog for the Troublemakers comic project. Included here will be sketches, designs, thoughts and musings on the future of the story, and updates on when the comic will be available for reading. Please feel free to offer feedback, opinions, ideas, and to ask questions.