Sunday, April 20, 2008


I owe you guys an apology. I'm sorry the rest of this post is two days late. The internet went down at the lab, and I was in bed for a lot of yesterday due to illness. Still, better late than never! Here's Zasters description and some information on Ether Trees.


Age: 16
Hit: Poetry, her brothers
Miss: cruelty, hurry
Self-Description: Fun
Described by others as: Fun and very kind.

Superpower: Ether manipulation through the use of martial arts and dances- invulnerable to ether attacks
Superproblem- mute, easily fatigued

Despite being mute, Zaster can be the most obnoxious member of the family. With a prankster nature and an old soul, she has the patience and the forethought necessary to pull off truly legendary practical jokes. Easygoing and loyal, her friendly exterior belies her observant interior. Very protective.


A lot of creatures in the world live on ether or use it for survival. Ether trees have found one of the more efficient ways to use it. An Ether tree actually bears more biological resemblance to a lily pad than to a tree. After powerfully rooting itself in the surrounding soil, the tree uses its wide leaves to lift iself off on Ether current, which carries it closer to the sun. Trees typically can't go above the cloudline, so that the earth they carried with them can retain water. Ether trees drop seeds from their roots.

Because a mature trees roots can extend for up to two miles, and ether trees are frequently a dominant species wherever they're seeded, floating islands are common. They do present dangers- those who live on them are always traveling as the island floats on ether currents, and when the trees die, the island crashes to the ground. All floating islands are city states. Some of the richer of them can afford gardeners or pressurized ether tubes to keep the island afloat even after the first trees are dead.

Trees are also used for transportation. Ether Trains are common for travel between islands, but for ground to air or vice versa, most people take Ether Cars.

Thats all for now. Later!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Friday!

Hi! Todays update actually pertains to the next chapter. I've put up some of the initial sketches to help give you guys an idea of what we might be looking at. I'll post a more detailed synopsis later this week, but for now I'll tell you that it's set in a company town for a toy manufacturer, and it has gypsies.

The character information for Zaster will show up later tonight, so check in later!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Friday!

So I only have two new tings for you guys today. One is a small picture of some designs for Ogres- it's not much, but it might give you an idea of what they'll look like. I've decided to include little nibblets of info here and there on Fridays for those that are interested, in case I don't have too much visual stuff to show you, like today.

This world is populated by a lot of different kinds of people- so many that nobody's really bothered to classify them into specie. So there's humans of all shapes and sizes, and then there's Ogres. Ogre's are big, a little dumb in most cases, and typically considered very aggressive. In point of fact, there are a lot of Ogres out there who resent the more savage of their breed who give them a bad name. Still, dangerous Ogres are a big problem in rural areas- they can't get on flying continents, however, since they're too heavy.

Ogres are well known for their mastery of magic. Most of the population in this world favor science, but Ogres, without any small hands to operate fine machinery, have learned more ritualistic ways to air condition their homes. All human magical knowledge came from Ogres originally.

In every generation of Ogres, since they breed less and there are far fewer of them, has one single monarch, chosen at the death of the previous ruler. The current lord is King Caliban. He's relatively young, but has exhibited a lot of maturity and common sense in his position. And that's everything you need to know about Ogres.

Here's the next character description.


Age: 16
Hit: Flowers, soap operas, fine clothes.
Miss: inelegance, loneliness
Personal Description: Gentleman Lover
Described by others as: A stick who’s afraid to let loose and be himself.
Superpower: flight, exceptional speed
Superproblem: Why is his whole body covered? (Made of wood- incapable of human contact. Also very fragile and vulnerable to fire or insects.)

Even while bemoaning the Stars penchant for getting carried away, Renard himself is prone to losing his poise at frequent intervals. With a reserved stance and a gladiatorial temper, Renard likes to see himself as the voice of reason- but in the face of his equally obsessive siblings, he usually falls short.

I'm out. Peace!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mass update!

Hi, everybody. My internet's down- I don't know why yet, and it doesn't look like it'll be changing soon. So that's why there's a massive addition of stuff today rather than a gradual influx of work over time!

Thought I'd forgotten you, huh? No way! I've got three new images for you: one is some concept work in watercolor. This was especially helpful on the train. I had no idea what I wanted it to look like until I tried this. The next is another advert: this one was made specifically for forumn posts. Finally, page three has made it through inks. This should give you guys an idea for what to expect the art to look like.

Since I'm at the penciling and inking stage of the work for chapter 1, it's hard to come up with stuff to show you that won't take away all the suspense for when you actually read it. So, to make sure you're appetites stay wet, I'm going to start updating with whatever I can find every Friday- for now, we'll start with basic character descriptions, to help you guys get a feel for how things will look in the extended story. I've added some fun extra information too.

We'll start with the main character.


Age: 17
Hit: Bugs, cartoons, Mega Force
Miss: Losing, current age
Personal description: superhero
Described by others as: Someone who spends so much time staring dramatically into the distance that he misses what’s in front of him.

Superpower: Super strength and durability of varying degrees depending on how high he dials on his earpiece.
Superproblem: a child’s body- his super strength typically only translates to roughly adult strength. Also after five minutes the dial resets, which causes him immobilizing pain and is tough on his body. Dialing to 13 could conceivably kill him.

Pint sized and full of passion, Badrick makes up in determination what he lacks in common sense. A 17 year old stuck in the body of a ten year old, he retains a boys optimism, fascinations, and black and white logic. As the first of the Stars children to be made, he’s the most defective- however, his strong will seems to carry him through most situations.

That's it for now. Check in on Friday!