Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Okay, folks. Time for yet another slight change to the nature of the update schedule.

I'm not going to update on a weekly basis for the rest of the summer. Instead I'm going to update on the day when there is something to update.

Those of you who've been following this diligently deserve an explanation, so here it is. The truth is that summer provides me with much less production time than the school year. During the school year I spend a lot more time in front of a desk than during the summer- not because I go out a lot (I don't) or because I work a lot (I do) but because my work time is spent in a house with three other people who all need a desk or an internet connection that we all share. Rest assured that I do get work done- I chill in coffee shops and take pages to work with me- but there simply isn't as much time to devote to TR as I have during the rest of the year. And I'm not going to update the story on a page by page basis, because it's not that kind of story.

This is part of why last week passed by without update- there have been other factors as well, but this is an issue that cannot be changed between now and the end of the summer.

If you're wondering how far the next mini has gotten, it's two thirds done. It'll be out by the end of the summer- for me, that's September 31'st, so let's plan on the release date being September 20'th for now- I want to allow time so that I can make some nice extras for the mini and organize it on

Check ya later, folks.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


This will all be appearing in the back of the next mini. Enjoy!

The Index City LIBRARY is known and feared throughout the world of literary catalogouing. Known for it’s stubborn staff, it’s rigid rules, and it’s support of corporal punishment, the LIBRARY is quite literally a prison for books. It is the responsibility of the Librarian Agents not only to ensure that books are returned on time, but in many cases never loaned out, lest the tomes wear out from exposure. Many of the books in the LIBRARY are extremely rare, ranging from the magical (such as the Telecomnicon) to the scientific (Supernatural Physics as described by Metaphyscial Math.) Most are either the last of their kind or the only copy ever printed.

There is absolutely no speaking in the library during library hours, on pain of expulsion, fine, or in extreme cases death. Sometimes all three.

All Librarian Agents are required to have their own coffee mug in the employee lunch room, be capable of 200 words per minute on a word processing program, have experience in information organization, and must have mastered a form of physical combat. Fugitive tracking skills and a can-do attitude are also a plus.

Librarian Profile-

HEATHER- Head Librarian Agent.

Number of Cats- 37.

Number of friends- 0.

Heather has worked for the Library since she was 16. The organization first noticed her usefulness when she sent a classmate to the hospital for keeping an overdue book for more than a week. She is widely known as one of the greatest of all catalouging minds in our time, and is also commented on for her strict discipline. She learned her style of fighting, which she has not named, from watching her cats fight over milk.

Heather sleeps upside down with her legs crooked around a long iron pole, with her arms folded over her chest. She says it helps her back.

Secretely an avid reader of the Edmund Eriathfaers line of romance novels.

Librarian Profile-

HORWITZ- Librarian Desk Agent

In charge of vhs/dvd section and also handles the books on tape.

Cannot read.

Horwitz was an awkward kid who grew into an awkward adult and then grew into an awkward late-middle aged man. His self esteem survives through a constant delight in small evils, which include levying large, invented fines against late library books and randomly shutting down a borrowers card every day for kicks. Horwitz hates Heather, but is forced to do what she says because his mother always told him to be nice to girls.

He fights with a gigantic, old school circular stamp. Since stamps are not used as frequently today and are often shaped differently, people often ask him just what the hell that huge thing he’s swinging around is.

Horwitz responds to anything embarrassing by hiding in the bathroom and listening to the Edmund Eriathfaers romance novels on tape until he thinks everyone is gone. Would never admit to his addiction in public.

Librarian Profile-

HALSTEAD- Librarian Volunteer

Covertly authors several romance novels under the pen name Edmund Eriathfaers.

The last name is an anagram for faerie trash.

Halstead is only fifteen years old, but is widely considered a prodigy amongst Librarians. He mastered the Dewey Decimal System at age five, and had in fact suggested several ways to improve it by age 7. There are high expectations for him as an archivist.

However, his secret passion has left him crippled with self loathing. Mortally afraid that anyone will find out that he is the creator of the widely acclaimed but much maligned Edmund Eriathfaers line of bodice rippers, he lives his life in a state of constant social paranoia. His computer has enough encryptions on it to rival the LIBRARY itself, and he writes his manuscripts in code, claiming to be writing to his dear old grandmother.

He mastered the art of paper battle by playing with old, thrown away scribblings for his novels. Because of this, he never leaves anyone he fights alive, in case they read the notes he killed them with.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The t-shirts got fastracked! If you want a copy of I'm so excited, go here. I’m So Excited!
Check out the other shirts too- they aren't related, but one of them is being sold as a hyperspecial this week and is cheaper than normal. $12.99. Not a bad deal, right? See you!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I'm going to temporarily move the update day to Sunday, since for the moment it makes more sense for me. It'll remain this way until the end of summer when I return to school.

So, after the con I was galvanized to greater levels of work. The first mini is now available on the Lulu marketplace for 11.84- here's the link.

The second is taking longer to complete than I thought, but rest assured I'm working on it. Also, I've submitted the shirt, along with two other unrelated designs, to They've been approved and are now waiting in the Designs: Waiting for Liftoff section, which means they need to be voted on before they're actually put up for sale. Go vote for them! The shirt titles are Minisaurus, Karaoke Rockstar, and of course, I'm So Excited!

See you soon!